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Submitted on
December 5, 2012
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'I wonder if Santa was here yet,' you thought sitting up in bed. Smiling you looked at your clock; it read 1:00 AM. 'I better go check.'
Giggling you tip toed down the hall and past your older brother Peter's room. Peeking in you saw he was out like a light. Walking down the stairs you stopped and crouched down so you could see without being seen.
There was Santa Claus…putting presents under your tree. Your eyes widened. 'I knew he was real! I can't wait to tell Peter and all the kids at school. They're going to be so jealous I saw the real Santa Claus!'
"Are you done?" came the sound of your father's voice from the living room.
'Pappa (dad) knows Santa?' you asked yourself.
There was your papa with his arms around Santa. 'I thought Santa would be bigger than pappa (dad),' you thought. 'Also Santa is really thin…is Mrs. Claus putting him on a diet or something?' You watched in horror as you saw your papa lean down and kiss Santa. 'Why is pappa (dad) kissing Santa? I thought Santa was married…wait pappa (dad) is cheating isä (dad)!'
As quietly as you could you walked upstairs and back to your bedroom.
You had heard a lot about what happened when parents cheated on their spouses from your friends at school. If you told your isä (dad) then your parents would get a divorce. You didn't want that,
"I saw pappa (dad) kissing Santa Claus
Underneath the mistletoe last night
He didn't hear me creep
Down the stairs to have a peep
He thought that I was stuck up in my bedroom fast asleep
Then I saw pappa (dad) tickle Santa Claus
Underneath his beard so snowy white
What a laughing would I been…
If isä (dad) had only seen
Pappa (dad) kissing Santa Claus last night."
You rocked back and forth, "I'm never…ever…ever telling isä (dad)…or Peter about pappa(dad) and Santa Claus…"


"_________, aren't you going to play with your new toy?" Finalnd asked you, "Santa brought you a nice new dollhouse; don't you want to play with your brother?"
You stared at Sweden, giving him the same stare he gave everyone else. "No thank you isä (dad)."
Tino tilted his head, "Ok, I'll go get some cookies then."
Once he was gone you said to your pappa (dad), "I know about you and Santa, pappa (dad). I just want you to know I'm watching you…"
Berwald blushed and dropped his doughnut in surprise. You gave him the 'I'm watching you' sign with your two fingers and walked off to play with Sealand.
:D I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to put this one up since I wrote it!!!

For the rest of the series please click on the [link]
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