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February 27, 2013
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It wasn’t a wild party, but people were defiantly up to no good. There was some drinking and some of the gamers were sitting in front of the TV playing video games. There were even a few couples making out. And of course what party wouldn’t be complete without that totally awful teen drama?
“___________, we’re over,” your boyfriend told you with a smile in front of all your friends.
Your eyes widened, “Wha-what?”
He smirked, “You heard me, we’re over. I was starting to get tired of you weeks ago. (Name you hate) is so much better than you I’ve been hooking up with her for weeks now…”
Tears came to your eyes, “Fine.” With that you left, leaving your ex with a bloody nose and a bruised jaw. Sitting outside on the curb you called your friends. “Could you pick me up?”
“What’s up ___________?” Gilbert asked.
“Something wrong?” Antonio asked.
Furrowing your eyebrows you asked, “Am I on speaker?”
“Oui, mon cher…”
“Hey Francis, anyone else there I should know about?”
“Just us,” Antonio said, “so why do you need us?”
You took a deep breath, “Long story short, boyfriend dumped me and he was my ride.”
There was silence.
“The awesome me will be there as soon as he can.”
He hung up and you wiped a few tears from your eyes. And true to his word he was there soon. “We are here to rescue you!” Francis said pulling you into the car and onto his lap.
“F-Francis!” you shouted blushing slightly.
“Awww, __________~, you look so cute,” Antonio cooed pinching your cheeks, “just like a tomato!”
You blushed harder, “T-Toni!”
“Kensesese~,” Gilbert laughed from the driver seat.
Sitting next to Francis you sighed and pulled your legs up to your chest.
“What’s wrong?” Francis asked putting his arm around your shoulders. “Did he hurt you?”
You laughed wryly, “Just my pride. I’ll be fine.”
Francis pulled you closer to him, “No one should ever treat you like that.’
“Ja, let’s go beat him up,” Gilbert said pulling over to the side of the road.
“I already took care of that,” you said.
“That’s my girl!” Gilbert said laughing.
You smiled and looked at your three best friends. You felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Leaning against Francis you whispered, “You guys are so weird.” Letting out a loud sigh you managed to whisper, “I love you guys…” before you fell asleep.
All three of them blushed.
“Je t'aime, _________,” Francis whispered kissing your forehead gently.
“Te amo, querida,” Toni said smiling at you from the passenger seat.
“Ich liebe dich.”
Requested by :iconusachan100:

The picture is mine.

Hope you all like it ^^
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CatcomixSF Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
I think we should kidnap the ass hole who broke up with reader-chan pour strong bleach in his eyes so they turn to jelly and torturer him with whips my metal fist and fishslapping 
ILikeCupcakez123 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
And Gilbird poop~! (I don't know... just wanted to add something. xD)
CatcomixSF Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Yes now we must find him
imakefanfictions Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student Photographer
im in.
CatcomixSF Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
We need all the help we can get
Sammaster0524 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Count me in! * puts on mask* I can do surgeries. I'll help. 
CatcomixSF Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Cool thanks
Sammaster0524 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem!
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SolumSeronix Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now, ex-boyfriend has two penalties-cheating AND dumping. I only beat him up once. Therefore, the BTT should go beat him up as well!
BadTouchTrioFangirl Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
The BTT are my three idiots.
But I love them.
Especially France.

And the guy that broke up with the reader, he can run and hide but I'll find him and make him pay *eye twitches* his limbs with be torn off bit by bit
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