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October 18, 2012
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"When am I going to feel her?" Feli asked putting his head on your large belly as you flipped through a baby clothes catalogue.
You looked down as he nuzzled your stomach, "How do you know the baby is a her?"
Your husband shot up, "Because I know, papa's intuition."
"Feli, its woman's intui-." You stopped yourself, "I don't know any day now."
"I don't wanna go to work," he pouted, "I could miss the baby's first kick."
Running your fingers through his hair you said, "You have to go to work Feli, or Ludwig is going to yell at you again."
"But ____________~…."
You stood up, "Come on, you're going to be late." The Italian man tried to stop you from getting away, but he failed. Quickly you thrust his briefcase and car keys into his hands, "The sooner you leave the sooner you can come home."
Feliciano pouted, "But __________, mia bambina and…and her first kick!"
"FELICIANO VARAGS!" you shouted in a very Ludwig-like manor.
He shouted, "Ahhhhhhh~!" With that your silly Italian husband ran out the door, into his car, and finally drove to work.
Giggling you put your hands on your hips, "Ok, now it's time for a nap."
A few hours later…

"Veeeee~ Doistu look what I can do!" Italy took the pencil and balanced it on his nose. "See?"
"Agh, Feliciano get back to work," the grumpy Germany barked at him.
Feliciano sighed, "But I'm tired, I wanna take a siesta."
Ludwig pinched the bridge of his nose, trying not to yell at him, "Fine, but only for five minutes."
"Yay! Grazie Ludwig," with that Feliciano made himself comfortable on his cubical floor.
'Ring Ring'
"Feliciano answer the phone!"
Clumsily he did so, "Ciao, this is Feliciano Vargas, how can I help you?"
"Feli!" you shouted from the other end.
"Feli, the baby kicked!"
After about two seconds he dropped the phone and buzzed passed Kiku.
When he got home he found you on the couch watching TV, "Oh, hi Feliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~" He tackled you in a hug.
"Did she kick, did she kick?"
"Yes Feli, the baby kicked."
Feliciano crouched down to marvel at your stomach; hesitantly he put a hand on it. "Sh-shes not kicking," he seemed to be on the brink of tears.
"Oh, Feli the baby will kick again soon, I promise," you said patting his head. "So did you tell Ludwig you were leaving or am I to expect an angry German at my front door any time soon?"
Your husband curled up into a ball, his head resting on your stomach.
"Umm, Feli. What are you doing?"
"I'm waiting for the baby to kick."
'We might be here a while,' you thought.
After about an hour you felt a slight flutter on your belly. By now Feliciano had fallen asleep. "Feli, Feli, what up the baby's kicking again."
He woke up and touched your belly gently, feeling the tiny infant inside you kick. "__________, he's kicking…"
"So the baby's a 'he' now?"
Feliciano bobbed his head he said so innocently, "Si, he kicks hard enough to be a soccer (football!) player!"
Laughing you kissed your husband passionately on the lips. "I'm sure he will."
Ok, now this is the last vote for the second to last installment. Germany or Russia. The next topic will be 'the birth'.

So comment bellow and tell me who I should do next?

Part 1: Japan [link]
Part 2: China [link]
Part 3: England [link]
Part 4: America [link]
Part 5: France [link]
Part 7: Germany [link]
Part 8: Russia [link]
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