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August 21, 2012
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All the villagers kept their distance from you. It was a well-known fact that you came from a family of great witches. For that they respected you and for that they kept their distance. They didn't just respect you, they feared you. And to some extent, they hated you.
Your kind were the monsters the villains in the stories parents told their children to scare them into obedience.
After buying your groceries you walked home.
"Mother," you called into the house, "I'm home."
A middle aged woman with (mother's hair color) hair and (mother's eye color) eyes came out from the kitchen "Oh __________, thank you." She took your groceries from you. "Your father has a surprise for you in his study."
"Shall I see him now?"
"I should think, don't think about dinner, I'll do it myself," she smiled and patted you on the back, "I think you're going to like it."
You knocked on the door of your father's study.
"Come it __________," said your father.
"Father, mother told me you wished to see me."
He smiled, "I did, and I have a surprise for you. Mr. Braginski you may come in now." Out came a man with blonde hair and violet eyes
You shivered, he was quite intimidating.
"Mr. Braginski has made an offer of marriage, and I have accepted his offer."
Those words made your stomach drop. Him? Surly your father didn't expect you to marry him. "F-father…"
Your father tilted his head to the side, "Are you not pleased?"
You turned to Mr. Braginski, "Mr. Bragin-."
"Ivan," the man smiled at you, "you should call me by my name. We are to be married, da?"
Giving your best smile you said, "Ivan, do you mind if I talk to my father alone for a few minutes?"
"No problem."
After the door was closed you turned to your father, "How could you. And to-to him?"
Your father frowned, quite confused, "What's wrong with Ivan?"
"He's, he's just…I don't love him!"
Your father sighed, "__________, your biological clock is ticking. What do you expect? You need to get married soon."
"Father if you do not call off the engagement I swear I will…I'll."
"You'll what?"
Frantically you searched for a good threat, but instead came up with an idea, "Father. If you give me, oh, one year to find another husband will you let me marry him instead?"
Your father thought for a moment, "Hmm, I agree. And if you don't?"
Sighing you said, "I'll marry Mr. Braginski. But you have to let me leave the village!"

~time skip cause I'm lazy~

Everything here was strange and new. People didn't shun you; people didn't look at you with disgust or fear. They were kind, especially to a new comer.
Being caught up in all the happiness you didn't notice when you bumped into someone. "Ahhh!" you fell squarely on you bum. "Oh, I'm so sorry," you said looking to the man you had just knocked down.
"No, no it was my…faurt," said the man. The moment the two of you looked into each other's eyes it was as if it were only the two of you. He stood up and helped you up. "What's your name?" He said in a state of awe.
"__________," you whispered in the same state, "what's yours?"
"Kiku Honda," he said still holding your hand. When he noticed he was still holding your hand he quickly let go, "Sorry." His face then turned very red.
"It's ok," you said blushing slightly.

~another time skip cause I'm lazy~
11 Months and 2 weeks later…

From that moment the two of you became good friends. Then he started to court you. It was very sweet; he would bring you flowers and write you poetry.
However you knew your time was running out, if he could only propose to you soon then everything would be perfect.
Ordering your broom, dustpan, and mop to clean the house while you went shopping you smiled. Today you were planning on telling him you were a witch; either it would go very well or very bad. You were hoping for the first. That he would accept you and not shun you.
"Kiku," you said pouring tea, "you've been courting me for a while right?"
He nodded in usual silent way.
You sighed, "Kiku, do you love me?"
There was a long moment of silence as his face turned quite red, "W-what are you doing asking me such a question?"
"It's a perfectly reasonable question," you said pouting. "It's a yes or no answer."
"Yes," he said quietly, "_________, I do rove you."
You smiled, "Kiku, what would you say if I told you I wasn't necessarily human?"
He turned to face you, "Oh I know."
"Y-you what?"
"You're a witch right?"
Kiku looked thoughtful, "Was I wrong?"
Kiku then went to explain how he caught you ordering the ingredients to make dinner one night and they obeyed you and another night when he saw your cleaning instruments doing the work themselves.
You looked at your hands, "Do you hate me?"
"No, no ______________, why wourd you think that?"
"B-because I…" you trailed off.
"I stir rove you _________," said Kiku giving you a rare smile. "_____________, I want you to marry me."
"W-what?" After a moment it processed in your mind you jumped into his arms shouting, "YES!"
And with that you lived happily ever after…
Requested by :iconsunchild9:
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