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November 11, 2012
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"_________ I have another job for you," a smooth Italian voice whispered into your ear. You had been hired to the Vargas family since you were ten and, at that time, the heir's companion.
"It better not be to clean out the cat's litter box," you grumbled lowering the paper. "That is not in my job description."
Lovino, your childhood friend and boss, circled you and gave you one of his charming smiles, "Not like that bella ragazza. I was thinking more like, you and me at mio fratello's restaurant."
"Mr. Vargas it isn't my job to entertain you anymore," you snipped. After you turned fifteen, Romulus Vargas sent you to learn how to be an assassin. During that time you became ruthless and coldhearted. A relationship, even an abnormal one would be out of the question.
Lovino, head of the mafia, sighed, "___________, why do you hate me?"
Raising the paper so that it hid your face you said calmly, "I cannot hate the hand that feeds me Mr. Vargas."
"When are you going to call me Lovino again," he scowled. "I'd even like it if you called me Lovi again…"
"That would be unprofessional Mr. Vargas," you said turning the page of the newspaper.
You felt a weight on your lap, looking down you saw Lovino's scowling face. "I'm not moving until you call me Lovino."
"Mr. Vargas, I'm a trained killer," you said setting you newspaper on the seat next to you. "If you don't move, then I can always make you. So, Mr. Vargas, would you please move?"
Lovino shook his head, "No, why can't it be the way it was when we were kids? You used to always call me Lovi."
"As I recall you would always protest to being called 'Lovi'," you said flatly.
"I missed you while you were gone ____________," Lovino said taking one of your hands and putting it on his chest, "did you know that?"
"Yes," you sighed, "I got your letters."
Lovino shot up and shouted at you, "So you did get them!"
"I never said I didn't," you said.
Lovino grabbed you by the back of the neck, "____________ ___________, I love you."
Your face turned red involuntarily.
"Go on a date with me," he said leaning forward and kissing you gently on the lips. At first you were like a statue, but soon your lips moved against his like they were made for each other. "Please…please ____________..."
"Yes," you said almost out of breath. "I'll do it…"
"Good," he smirked, "now kiss me."
Grinning you said, "Gladly Lovi…" With that you attacked his lips with yours.
Requested by :iconzirahz:

YAY! I'm all done with my requests, now I can take a nap. Then I can do some more art... :)
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Hehehe we all know that ended with sex- I MEAN FRIENDSHIP!!
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