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February 2, 2013
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Groaning you looked to your watch. This was the third time he had been late. If he didn’t show up in the next ten minutes then you would leave and it would be the third time he had failed to show up. It wasn’t as if you didn’t know what he was doing.
Probably something to do with the “family business”.
“Madam, are you ready to order?”
You turned to look at the waiter, “Give him five more minutes.” With a sigh you gazed at the elegance around you. The soft glow of garden lights, the cool air of the outside balcony, the flicker of the candle on your table.
Glancing at the table inside you saw the Police Commissioner. Quickly you turned your face, you had made yourself well known in the crime world. People wanted other people to disappear? Well you were the magician. Putting your hand under the table you put it over the gun strapped to your thigh.
Ten minutes…
“Madam, are you ready to or-.”
“Just bring me the bill,” you groaned, “he’s not showing up.”
The waiter nodded and ran off to get the bill. You paid and left. “Lovino…” you whispered, “you. Are. A. Jerk.” Taking out your phone you texted him.
‘I quit. We are over.’
When you got home you practically tore off your dress and threw one of your high heeled shoes at a window. Putting on a pair of sweats and fuzzy slippers you turned on the TV. Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo and Juliet.
“Why can’t I find a guy who will show up for a fricken date!” you yelled at the TV and threw one of your slippers at it. “I can’t take much more of this from him.” It was an odd sight, the great ___________ ____________ one of the most ruthless problem solvers for the Vargas mafia crying at the TV over a guy.
But you Lovino Vargas wasn’t just some guy. He was your boss and he was your best friend.
And he was right outside your door.
“___________! Open the door I know you’re home!” Lovino banged his fist against the door, “Open up now, or I’ll break down the door.” You snorted, he couldn’t break a think plank of wood, let alone your door. “One…two…three!” the door broke as one of his goons broke the door. “Grazie boys. __________.”
You glared at him, “What do you want?” Your hair was a mess now, your makeup was running down your face.
He sat down next to you and held your cheek in his hand, “___________, what’s wrong?”
Snarling you ripped his hand from your face, “Go away, you didn’t show up.”
Still glaring at him you said, “We had a date tonight and you didn’t show up! I waited hours for you. And you know what I can’t take it anymore…and you know what I deserve better than this. We’re over; I’m breaking up with you.” You turned back to watch TV, “Now leave. From now on I’ll be working with Feli when it comes to jobs.”
There was silence.
You could feel the anger coming off of him in rolls. He was shaking in anger. “___________.”
“I told you to lea-.”
“NO!” He grabbed your face and crushed his lips against yours. “I can’t. Ti amo.” He kissed you pulling on your lower lip lightly, “Ti amo.”
“L-Lovi…” you moaned, “I can’t keep doing this.”
He nodded.
“You are never going to be my boyfriend again,” you said sadly.
“I know,” he said, “what about husband?”
You stared at him, “What?”
“__________, I’m asking you to marry me,” he said smiling and taking your face and pulling you to him.
You felt tears come to your eyes, “Yes…yes…”
Lovino wasn’t ever going to by your typical boyfriend. He was bound to make mistakes, even huge ones. He wasn’t going to be your typical Romeo. But then again you weren’t the typical Juliet either.
Requested by :icontheredgarnet:
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