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December 27, 2012
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"Let's see, I have the backup vodka…and all the sharp objects are locked away," you muttered double checking.  The three brothers were coming over to your house and in order to make sure there were no fights you had vodka to mellow them out and then to make sure Nikolai didn't attack anyone you had locked up all the knifes and even sewing needles.
"There's the door," you mumbled smoothing out a few stray hairs. You ran to open the door.
"Miss _________," Dmitri smiled, "thank you for-oomf!" Nikolai shoved his older brother out of the way.
He smiled, a bit creepily, and said, "__________~…marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry m-agg!" Ivan shoved his brother out of the way.
"Hallo Miss _________, sorry we forgot to give Nikolai his medicine before we left. He has no idea what he's saying," Ivan said handing you a cake.
You inspected the cake, "Thank you, Ivan that was very sweet of you." Giving him a quick peck on the cheek you let them all inside. You however didn't seem to notice the color change on the Russian's face.
Dmitri gave you a hug, "It's nice to see you again Miss __________." You smiled up at him, he was always so sweet, shy, and timid.
Nikolai glared at his brothers, "_________~ I want a kiss and hug too." He then tackled you in a hug and tried to place his lips on yours. The cake ended up on the floor as you tried to restrain him.
"N-Nik, I missed you too, but you need to calm down!"
"Yes, little brother, let go of ________," Ivan said glaring at his brother.
Nikolai was then ripped off of you.
You gave a sigh of relief, "Thank you Ivan."
"Everyone knows that _________ will soon become one with me, da _________?" Ivan turned to face you expectantly.
"NO!" Nikolai snarled, "__________ is going to marry me! ___________~," he looked at you almost as if he were threatening you, "don't you want to marry me? I'll take care of you and never leave your side, I'll cook and clean and-ahhh!"
That's when the wrestling match occurred in your living room.
"Miss _________, are you alright?" Dmitri asked.
You nodded, "I just don't know what got into them all of a sudden."
Dmitri blushed, "Umm, Miss ________. I…umm…would you like to…ahh…g-go out sometime?"
Imminently the room became dead quiet. The 'you could drop a pin and everyone would hear it' kind of quiet.
"Big brother…" Ivan said, "I'm going to become one with would be unwise to peruse a relationship with her…"
"I agree," Nikolai said, "it would be unwise…because _________ is going to marry ME!"
Dmitri got a few tears in his eyes, "B-but I like Miss ____________ too!"
"NOT AS MUCH AS ME!" Nikolai and Ivan shouted at the same time.
However Dmitri did something that was completely out of character, his face grew a bit dark, "Then you will have to fight me for her!" Out of nowhere he pulled out a pitch fork and charged at his younger brothers.
Nikolai smirked and pulled out a knife from one of his pockets.
Ivan glared and pulled out his long metal pipe.
"Ivan!" you were exasperated as the three brothers started to fight over your attention. "Guys, cut it out!"
But inwardly you blushed, cause I mean…it's not every day three super-hot guys fought over you now is it?
Requested by :iconkoyukizaku:

Hope you all like it ^^

As always I found this awesome picture on Google!

Part 2: [link]
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I got a dirty mind ^^ and who wouldn't want that?!
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