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December 26, 2012
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Those words rang in your head as you stared at the Belarusian man over your milkshake, 'Because I love you and you're mine…'
At first it scared the living hell out of you. I mean Ivan wasn't the only one who had a bad reputation. Nikolai had a reputation for being violent, obsessive, and a stalker. So far those rumors were proven to be true to you.
Nikolai stared at you, he didn't eat, he didn't even talk. He just stared.
'He must be mad at me,' you thought. Slyly you looked down at your watch. Alfred had probably gone home already, you sighed. He probably though you ditched him. The bell rang as a familiar face walked in.
"Ivan," you stood up smiling then looked over at Nikolai's face. He glared at his big brother.
Ivan smiled and walked over to the table, "Privet ________, Nikolai. What's going on, I didn't know you two liked to hang out…"
"Umm…well…we…" you tried giving him a pleading look. To tell him that you REALLY didn't want to be there.
"We are on a date big brother," Nikolai said still glaring at his brother.
"A-a date?" Ivan nearly choked. Then he noticed your look. "Nik, I think you should let ________ go home now. It's nearly dinner time, da?"
Nikolai looked at you, then at his big brother, and then at you again, "__________, do you want to have dinner at our house?"
You shook your head violently, "S-sorry, I can't I have to-."
Nikolai stood up, "Very well then, I'll see you tomorrow. I'll come and pick you up."
"B-but how do you know where I-."
"Don't worry _________, I've known for weeks." With that the two men left.
'Crap,' you thought, 'he has been stalking me.'

~Time Skip; Brought to you by France's Bodyguards; They don't protect him from you, they protect you from him~

The two of you were walking to school. Nikolai holding your hand quite tightly.
You turned your head to look at him, "Yes, Nik?"
Nikolai sighed, "I love you…"
"I think we should get married."
You felt your stomach drop, "W-what?"
"I think we should-."
You interrupted him, "I-I know what you said! Just…why?"
Nikolai forced you to face him, "Because I love you…"
You gulped and mumbled, "But I don't love you…"
"But I don't love you," you said a little louder.
There was silence.
Finally you got the courage to look him in the eye, "B-because you scare me…a-and I don't know you so I-."
Nikolai screamed in anger and you jumped back.
"I hate this! I HATE IT, I HATE IT!" With that he ran off.
"N-Nik," you half a half-hearted shout and ran after him. You eventually found him hiding under the bleachers. "Nik, are you alri-."
You flinched, "Nik, what's wrong?"
"You hate me…"
"I never said tha-."
"You don't love me, so you must hate me," he sniffled. "And I don't blame you, I scare away everybody. I have no friends; even my family can't near me long. IT'S NOT FAIR!"
Something then happened that you never expected. You felt your heart break for him. He didn't mean to be scary…his intentions were good. He just didn't know how to express himself.
"N-Nik," you whispered and, acting on instinct, hugged him.
The crying stopped. And hesitantly Nikolai put his arms around you. "Please don't leave me…"
You pulled away slightly and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek, "As long as you need me I'll be here."

"So this means we're engaged now, right?"
"N-Nik!" your face went bright red.
He gave a satisfied smirk, "I'll take that as a 'yes'."
Hope you all like the sequel, I got an overwhelming amount of requests for this, I'm so glad you guys liked the first one.
Tell me what you think...

Part 1: [link]
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France's Bodyguards; They don't protect him from you, they protect you from him~
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