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November 9, 2012
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"Don't worry ___________," said your mama, "not everybody is like Uncle Nik."
You nodded and reached up trying to get her to carry you, "Mama!"
Anya smiled down at you, "Do you want your mama to carry you?"
Nodding you tried to reach higher.
"Very well," she said and picked you up carrying you into the world meeting.
"Yo Russie, who's that little girl with you?" a young woman with golden colored hair ran over to you. you, being only three years old, shied away from her.
Anya smiled, "Hello Miss. America, this is my daughter ____________."
America looked at you, "She's so fricken cute, dude let me hold her!" The loud woman reached out for you and you squirmed.
"Mama, she's loud…"
"America I don't think you should-." But it was too late as America took you from your mama and tossed you into the air, catching you again.
Your fear soon turned to glee, "Yay!"
"America stop that, you'll drop her you twat!" England shouted trying to get her former colony to stop throwing you into the air.
"Aw cool off British dude, she likes it don't you ___________?"
You nodded and when she caught you again gave her a hug, "Can I go back to mama now?'
America turned back to Russia, "Yes America, give her back to mother Russia…"
"Sure thing," she handed you back to your mama.
"___________, why don't you go play with; Liechtenstein, Sealand, and your Aunt Latvia while I work, da?"
"Da!" you shouted and ran off to play. "Auntie Latvia!" You grabbed her around the waist. "Can I play with you?" Looking up you saw a girl and boy a little older than you.
"Who are you?" asked the girl.
"I'm __________...who are you?"
"I'm Sealand, but you can call me Wendy," she said, "and this is Noah." She pointed to the boy. You then turned very red and hid behind Latvia.
Noah smiled at you, "Hello ___________." You blushed harder.
"P-privet (hello)," you said.
The male country crouched down and held out his hand, "How old are you ___________."
Quietly you held out three fingers.
"That's big," he said. "You're practically an adult now aren't you?"
You giggled and came out from behind Latvia, "No, mama is 5000. I'm just a baby."
Liechtenstein took your hand, "Do you want to go get a snack?"
Nodding you followed him into a kitchen and got a cookie.
"___________~" your blood froze…and you started to cry.
"What's wrong __________?"
You cried harder as the voice go closer, "___________~, come out so we can become one…" You clung to Noah and continued to cry.
"Uncle Nik is here," you whimpered into his shirt.
Noah held you as you cried.
Then Nikolai walked into the room, his demeanor changing when he saw Noah holding you. "Let go of her…now!"
You cried harder as Nikolai pulled out a knife.
The almost fight was interrupted by a gunshot. "Big sister!" shouted Noah. Looking up from Noah's shirt you saw a woman with short blonde hair and a gun.
"Leave it be, ___________ is mine!" Nikolai shouted.
"No!" you shouted holding onto Noah.
Nikolai's tone then became very sweet, "But ____________, don't you want to marry me?"
You shook your head, "No! I wanna marry Noah!" Noah turned very red at your outburst. Nikolai however turned very angry. You looked up at Noah, "Please…one day when I'm all grown up?"
"Noah it's time to go," said the girl.
"Hold on big sister," said Noah he turned to look at you, "Ok _________, one day when you're all grown up. If you still want to, I'll marry you ok?"
You grinned, "Yay!"
"____________ are you in here?"
"Mama!" you shouted running to her, "Guess what?"
Your mama smiled and picked you up, "What is it?"
"When I'm all grown up, guess who I get to marry?"
'Please don't be Nikolai, please don't be Nikolai…'
"Noah!" you shouted.
Russia turned to look at the little country, "Really?" Looking him up and down she said, "I approve. Let's go home __________."
"Ok," you said really tired. And you fell asleep in your mama's arms.
Requested by :iconashessakura:

This is the second part of [link]

Part 3 [link]

Hope you all like it ^w^
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Zadie39 Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wtf? Belarus!
Lol if I was Russia I would be like " really *looks at Noah* I approve as long as it's not Nikolai!" Lol :D
Hyo38 Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Mother Russia approves.
Mama!" you shouted running to her, "Guess what?"
Your mama smiled and picked you up, "What is it?"
"When I'm all grown up, guess who I get to marry?"
'Please don't be Nikolai, please don't be Nikolai…'
"Uncle Nik!"...:iconimhorrifiedplz::iconleftarrowplz: Russia
lol, cool twist of plot, I would love it too. I wonder what would have happened if Nic marries "the reader"
Uh... Russia murder spree, maybe?
HAHAHA...LOL, poor Nic
can't stop laughing X3
KnockoutsSister Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TwiandDashForever Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol this gives a whole new perspective to the phrase mother russia XD also like how umm noah XD and the girl "get togather" :3
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