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Submitted on
July 8, 2012
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Early morning you rolled out of your basket. Food was the only thing on your mind.  Food. Food. Food. You looked around for your mate, Germouser. "Where is he?" you wondered aloud. Quietly you made your way to the kitchen.
Food awaited you in the bowl and you ate slowly. "Vee! _________ hide me!" shouted Itabby running inside and behind you.
"Itabby," you said in surprise, "aren't you supposed to be training?"
"Si, but Germouser is scaring me!"
"Germouser isn't that scary," you said slightly offended by the almost insult to your mate.
Itabby started crying, "He won't let me go home and have pasta!"
Groaning you poked the weeping feline with your paw and said, "Let's go. I have to get some exercise as well. I'll tell Germouser to go easy on you."
"Veee~, really?"
You nodded and led the calico outside and into the cool air. Spring was always your favorite time because it meant many things. Mainly of all, kittens.  You wanted kittens of your own so bad you could cry.
"Oh, ____________," said Gemrouser running over to you and licking your lips in a catlike kiss. "ITABBY, GET BACK TO WORK!"
"Veee…." whined Itabby
"Germouser," you said licking his cheek, "go easy on Itabby. Just look at his master."
Germouser sighed, "Pasta is useless from what my master says."
You smiled, "Good now let's train." You ran to join Japaneko running around in circles. Once you finished several laps you walked over to Germouser.
"How are you doing ________?
"Are you sure, because I could-."
You interrupted his nervous word vomit moment, "Don't worry honey. I'll be just fine. Worry about Itabby, he's still on his second lap."
"You're right." He turned around and started to yell at the Italian cat. "ITABBY GET MOVING!"
Suddenly you had an idea, "ITABBY, IGGYCAT IS HERE!" Suddenly Itabby shifted into warp speed and ran the rest of his laps.
On wobbly legs he stumbled over to you, "That was cruel bella."
"Oh, you'll live," you said, "I want my mate and I to eat together." You walked over to Germouser and together you went inside to eat.
In your bowls were wursts. Imminently Germouser and you started eating. After you ate you walked over and rubbed your head against Doistu, Germouser and yours owner. "Ahh, there you are _________."
He picked you up and tucked you in his arm you mewed happily at the attention. He sat down in the rocker and petted your back. "_________, come on lets go to bed."
"Germouser, Doistu doesn't pay attention to me that often. Let me enjoy-."
"Pasta is coming over." You jumped out of his lap and ran with him to the basket the two of you shared. The last time you saw Pasta he tried to make you eat pasta. Itabby was one thing, but you were another thing entirely.
"Ich liebe dich," he muttered quietly.
"Ich liebe dich, Germouser," you said nuzzling closer to him.
You woke up about two hours later when Itabby was shaking the basket. Germouser groaned and stretched, "Itabby what are you?"
"Let's play Germouser," said Itabby, "please, please, please!"
"Fine," he groaned and got up. You followed your mate outside. King was outside with all his army of cats.
"King is here, King is here!" you shouted running to King. [If you can guess who the king is I'll give you a cookie]
After several hours of just hanging about with the King you went back inside with Germouser. A pain shot up through your stomach and you fell to the floor. "Germouser."
"It's time."

Hours or so later…

You happily looked down at your kittens; Adele, Erick, Franz, Kristen, Mendel, and Varick. "Spring is a wonderful time of year. Isn't it?"
Germouser smiled down at you and the kittens, "Ja, it is."
A trade with :iconartisan-garden:

Artisan-Garden wanted a day with Germouser.
How many of you can guess which hetalia chatacter is the King?
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DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner 44 minutes ago  New member Student Artist
Greece of course.(Or Denmark, but he would probably be named, 'Beer-man', or something)
I looked at the name 'King' for awhile. Then I was like,
SamTheKillerBitch Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Artist
GREECE!!! *holds hand out* cookie please
DragoShadowing Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Student Writer
It's either Greece or Denmark. Can I have my cookie now
Randomhetaliafan2 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I- i ts greece now gimmeh ma cookieeh Neko Emoji-42 (Kawaii Moe Smile) [V3] 
AudioReciver Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
Urgh!!! I can't believe I didn't figure it out before!!! It's Greece...but, don't give me a cookie, cause I totally cheated.
XxHetalianAtHeartxX Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
At first I thought 'King' was Denmark, then I re-read this line "King was outside with all his army of cats." I was like "........Omfg!! *facepalms into pillow* It's Greece!! *sulks* How did I not guess that at first?!"

KiddoKunsGirl Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Awwww I have been looking so long for a NekoTalia Germouser x Reader where they have kittens!
Dark-Firewings Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Student Artist
Greece is King ain't He?
Gekko73 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014

COOKIE PLEASE!!!:icongrabplz:
NightsPerlude Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Greece is King isn't he? :3
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