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June 30, 2013
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“Oh, aren’t you cute?” you squealed as you held a cat. He was so adorable, purring against your chest sending vibrations through your body. “How would you like to come home with me?” You mused to the stray cat.
The cat gave you a mewl of happiness.
‘Meow’ his head bobbed and you noticed his strange little curl.
You started walking home, “Hmm, what should your name be? How does Mario sound?”
The cat in question shook his head at the suggestion.
“Ok. Ok. Umm, Luigi?”
Another shake of the head.
You started petting his head, he purred his contentment. “Let me think…Alfonse? Nah. Tom? Nope. Gino…what about Gino? Do you like that?”
The newly christened Gino meowed happily.
“Well then, Gino, let’s go home and get you a bath.”

Months later…

“Good boy,” you said as you scratched Gino behind the ears as he ate his food. “I’ll be back later tonight. Ok?”
Gino meowed sadly and stopped eating to rub against your leg in affectionate gesture.
You pouted and picked him up, “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be back later tonight. I don’t want to go either.” Gino licked your face. “Aww…I’ll be back soon. This date can’t take too long.”
Once you were gone Gino whimpered. He loved you so much, and so far all the men you had dated had done nothing but break your heart. Impatiently he paced in front of the front door waiting for you. Soon he heard your cat pull back up in the drive way.
Angrily you opened the door and ignored Gino as he made attempts to get your attention and eventually affection. “What a jerk! Didn’t even bother to call. Just a text ‘can’t make it’. Who does that?”
‘meow,’ Gino mewled as he followed you into your bedroom. You changed into your pajamas and crawled into bed. Gino, ignoring the rules that you never enforced about him staying off the bed, jumped into the bed and tried to comfort you.
“Oh, Gino,” you sighed hugging the tom to your chest, “why can’t all guys be like you? So faithful, adorable, loving…” you trailed off rubbing him behind the ears.
Gino purred in satisfaction, knowing that you loved him. Soon you drifted off to sleep and the motions on his head stopped. Looking up and out the window Gino saw a shooting star.
‘I wish I could stay with Miss ____________ forever and ever, I wish I could stay with Miss ____________ forever and ever, I wish I could stay with Miss ____________ forever and ever, I wish I could stay with Miss ____________ forever and ever, I wish I could stay with Miss ____________ forever and ever, I wish I could stay with Miss ____________ forever and ever, I wish I could stay with Miss ____________ forever and ever!” He thought over and over until he too fell asleep.
In the morning you woke up to a warm body surrounding you. A soft sigh escaped the warmth as you pulled closer to it. Your eyes snapped open to find a naked man in your bed. “AH!”
The man woke up screaming, “Please don’t kill me! I surrender!” He turned around to find you. “Miss ___________!” He hugged you tightly. Almost imminently he jumped off of you, “Oh! I can talk now!” He looked down. As soon as he assessed himself he jumped on you, “Look! I’m human!”
‘I can tell,’ you groaned as he pushed himself uncomfortably against you. “Who-who are you?”
“G…Gino,” the strange man stuttered.
“My cat?”
He nodded. “I wished on a star and…”
Blushing as you suddenly became more aware of your situation you said, “Umm, I…I don’t think I can call you that…”
“But why, bella?”
“That’s…that’s my cat’s name.”
“But I am your cat.”
Chuckling you murmured, “Not anymore…how about a new name? How does…Feliciano sound?”
Feliciano smiled, “Perfect. Ti amo, __________.”
“O-Ok,” you said as he snuggled into your stomach.
I'm finally back from my trip. Went to Greenville Village and the Henry Ford Museum for the weekend.

What do you think?
Tell me what you think bellow :D
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blackdreamer17 Mar 27, 2014  Student Writer
now it would be funny if he pulled a white flag out of nowhere and waved it around saying he surrendered.
on the edge of my seatLa la la la Meow :3 
percabethgirl Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
'The man woke up screaming, “Please don’t kill me! I surrender!”  Ahh, typical Feli. XD
i know awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love you emoticon *-*
Can you make more
deathnoterockz Aug 6, 2013  Student Writer
Waaaahhh! So kawaii~:>
AnimeAddict212 Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DreamyNerd42 Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That was adorable, really. And a definite favorite. Keep up the great work.
MosdrasTheLight Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

DAWWWS You get a hug for the sweetness *hug*


tsukipurinsesu Jul 30, 2013  Student Writer
Ehehe~ this is just cute. :D
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