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January 27, 2013
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Five years ago, that’s when you first met Emil’s ‘brother’. Although he didn’t like to call him that there was that undeniable family resemblance between the two. And although Lukas was quiet and slight introvert, the two of you hit it off splendidly.
However as time went on you realized just how cute he was. So much so that your relationship suffered, in order to keep a straight head you avoided him whenever possible.
“__________,” Emil had called you one afternoon, “do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?”
You froze, “W-will Lukas be there?”
A sigh came from the other end and some noises could be heard in the background, “No.”
“Ok,” you said, “do you want me to bring anything?”
“Just some popcorn,” he said and hung up. You grinned and got microwavable popcorn and walked down the street to his house.
Ringing the doorbell you smoothed out your hair.
You froze. Emil had lied. In fact Emil wasn’t even there. “H-hey Lukas, where’s Emil?”
“He had to go out,” Lukas said, “come on in.”
Obeying silently you asked, “When will he be back?”
Lukas shrugged then grabbed your arm pulling you to the family room.
“We need to talk.”
You gulped, “About what?”
He sat you down on the couch, “Us.”
You nearly threw up, “W-why?”
“___________, what do you think of me?”
“Y-your m-my friend…” you stuttered out.
He sighed, “That’s it? Nothing else?”
You nodded looking down at your shoes.
“Well that’s too bad,” Lukas said lunging at you. You looked up only to be met with his lips on yours.
After he was done you asked, “Wh-what?”
“I’ve liked you for the longest time ____________,” he said, “I don’t understand why you’ve been avoiding me though.”
“W-well…that’s because…I like you too.”
He smirked and kissed you again.
Someone from the doorway said, “I see the two of you made up.”
Both of you turned to see Emil.
“H-hi Emil.”
Lukas nodded at him and moved you to his lap for the movie. “We did.”
Requested by :iconprofessornami:

I'm taking request for drawings and xreader fanfics if you want to make a request go to the [link] and fill out forum.
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