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April 29, 2013
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Years ago…

You giggled as you pulled Nikolai by the arm, “Come on, Niko. Let’s play wedding!”
Nikolai, being the total bummer that he was tried to refuse.
“B-but Niko, don’t you wanna marry me?” you asked tears coming to your big (e/c) eyes.
Nikolai blushed, “N-no.”
You got in his face, “Then who do you wanna marry?”
Nikolai said the first name that came to mind, “Anya!” Imminently Nikolai wanted to take it back.
“Oh,” you said a little disheartened. You had a huge crush on Nikolai, but you’d never tell him that. “Alright then, I’ll go ask Daniel to play wedding.” With that you ran off to find Daniel.
Nikolai watched you go. Still frowning. ‘I wish I said __________’s name instead...’ he thought.


“You look beautiful, __________,” said Anya cooing over your dress. “Doesn’t she look nice Nikolai?”
Nikolai just stared at you. How he had gotten roped into going dress shopping with you and Anya he didn’t know. But now he was starting to regret it. You were beautiful. The dress fit you perfectly. The only problem was the dress wasn’t for him.
You blushed, “You really think so?”
“Of course!” Anya said, “Daniel is going to faint when he sees you in this.”
“What do you think, Niko?” you asked.
He shrugged. “You look fine.”
You smiled, “Thanks Niko, alright I’m getting it.” You went back to the changing room.
Anya sighed, “I knew this day would come…only I thought things would be a bit different.” She sat down.
“Different how?” Nikolai couldn’t help but ask.
“Oh, you know. I never thought Daniel would be the groom. From the way _________ always talked about you I was sure she’d wait for you forever.” Anya said without thinking. “I mean she had the biggest crush on you for the longest time, little brother.”
‘M-Me?’ he asked himself. ‘So why is she marring him?’
You walked out of the dressing room and went to purchase the dress.
Later that night you, sitting alone on your couch, heard a knock at the door.
“Hey, Niko, what can I do for you?”
He stared at you and forced his way it.
“Well this is unexpected,” you said smiling, “is there something you need?”
“__________,” he turned quickly to face you, “how can you smile?”
Giving a short laugh you said, “What do you mean?”
“How can you smile when you’re marrying…him,” he spat the word as if it were a curse.
“I’m smiling because I’m marrying him,” you said. “I don’t understand what your problem it. It’s not like this is just news to you.”
Nikolai grabbed your arms, “Do you love him?”
You nodded, still confused, “Of course, that’s why I’m marrying him.”
Nikolai growled and pushed you against the wall, “I thought you loved me!”
Your blood froze. “Wha…what?”
“I thought you loved me…”
“I did, Niko…” you said brushing the hair out of his face. He closed his eyes as he embraced the small touch. “But I grew up.”
Those words alone cut through his heart.
“I couldn’t wait for you forever, Niko.” You said gently removing his hands from your arms. “I guess I grew out of you.” You touched his face and made him look at you, “I’m sorry Niko…”
“B-but…” Nikolai cried softly, “I love you.”
All those feelings you had for Nikolai came rushing back like a waterfall of emotions. As tears leaked down your face you said, “I guess you’re just too late then…”

Years later…

“Do you ever think you made a mistake?” your husband asked.
You turned to look at him, “In what?”
He smiled and ran his fingers through your hair, “Saying ‘I do’?”
Giving him a small kiss on the lips you said, “Never.”
“Whaaaa~!” a small cry came from down the hall.
Both of you groaned, “I’ll get him…” said your husband getting out of bed to tend to the baby.
“Hmm,” you groaned rolling over in bed, “I love you.”
“I love you too, _________,” said your husband kissing you on the forehead.
I feel so evil with that ending there... :D

Hope you all like it!
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iLOVEthisRAINBOWS 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
first I was like 'Whaaaaaaa-' but then I read the end again and was like ' didn't exactly said who I married ... I IMAGING I MARRIED MALE BELARUS >:{D '
NikoKarma 4 days ago  New member
Yes. The baby isent yours gtfo.
NikoKarma 4 days ago  New member
I like nik best~
ask-BanditPrincess Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
b-but.... Niko..... i-i'm sorry.... Q.Q
RainbowSqueals Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Weeeellllll if you want to get technical about it, you never specified WHO we ended up marrying, you just said 'husband'...Allowing us to use our imaginations i see? Well played.
Iceland4 Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Meh.. Im not much a lovey person .3. Still getting over something that happened with my ex... Um.. Im not sure if i'll love anyone again...
HoodieSlenderverse Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
At first, i thought the Waaaa~! Was Nikolai whining cause he heard us. XDDDD
I agree with you on that, I'm like 'Well that's unexpecting from Nikolai.' until I relize it's the baby which brings me down
HoodieSlenderverse Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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