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August 2, 2012
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Smiling at Lord Yao politely you complimented him on his new ship.
"Thank you, aru," said Lord Yao. "Lady ________, where do you plan on sailing next."
You gave a stunning laugh. "I plan to travel to England next." Lord Yao, the problem with opium was still augmented between China and England. But that wasn't why you laughed, you never sailed to get where you wanted to go. You swam. Yes you swam.
Why? You were a mermaid, for now you were enjoying your time on a cruise ship, but it was more for enjoyment than travel.
"Ahh Lady ________, this is my brother Kiku," said Lord Yao.
And so the evening went, meeting foreign dignitaries and royalty. This party was then interrupted by the sound of cannons. Pirates started to board the ship and started stealing everything. Protectively you put a hand over your necklace. It wasn't worth more than two pennies, but it meant the worth the world to you.
A green stone was its weight and it was held on a leather string. A boy you loved dearly gave it to you before he disappeared. The green reminded you of his eyes, emerald green.
"Hello, love," said a voice from behind. You let out a scream. Running to the side of the ship you were stopped by a strong arm.
"Please let me go!"
"I don't think so, love," he said into your hair. He managed to drag you onto the pirate ship. "This woman is mine," he shouted to the men, "none of you dogs are to touch her you hear?" He then address you, "Captain Kirkland, miss."
Turning to look at him, you got a better look. His eyebrows were quite large, and his eyes, or should I say eye for he was wearing an eye patch, was a stunning green. "Please, let me go."
"I don't think so love," he said pulling you close to him. "What is this?" he touched your necklace and imminently you went on the defensive.
"Don't touch it!" you shouted. "It was given to me by someone I love."
His face turned pale, "What's your name?"
You scowled, "None of your business!" You broke away from him and got to the side of the ship. Standing on the railing you held onto ropes. "
"Tell me!" he shouted grabbing you by your collar. You fell backwards and part of your dress ripped. Not only that, but he had the necklace in his grasp. Feeling your heartbreak you fell into the sea and grew your tail as soon as you touched the water. "___________!"
Under the waved you hid until you saw a figure come for you. It was him. He had jumped in after you. Quickly you swam away from him.

~Time Skip Brought to you by the BTT; Bad Touch Trio: Molesting the World One Nation at a Time.~

Climbing up the side of the ship you scowled. Your dress was in a terrible state. Rags. Your hair which had been up in an elegant (h/c) bun was dried in clumps and a mess from being in the water. Finally you made it to the deck.
He would be in the captain's quarters, and hopefully that's were your necklace would be. Tiptoeing in you found the captain asleep on his bed holding a bottel of rum. Slightly tempted to take some you had to stop yourself, that wasn't what you were here for.
"_-_________," came a moan from the bed. You froze, had he woken up to see you? "__________, stay please." You let out a breath, he was still dreaming. Not bothering to wonder how he knew your name you continued to look for your necklace.
It wasn't anywhere in the cabin. Then you saw it, in his other hand was the necklace. Groaning you tiptoed over to him and started to gently pry your treasure out of his hand.
"Got it," you smiled and put it around your neck. Taking a moment to admire it around your neck was a mistake as Captain Kirkland woke up.
A hand went around your waist and pulled you hard down on his chest. "__________," he said as if he were afraid you'd disappear. "You came back." His grip got tighter. "I'm never letting you go again."
"Let go!" you shouted.
The pirate buried his face in your hair, "You still wore the necklace I gave you. You still love me don't you?"
"Is that you?"
You pulled back to look at him. The same emerald green eyes, same shaggy blonde hair, and same smile. "Of course love," he gave you a crooked smirk. Grabbing you by the back of your neck he pulled you down roughly for a kiss.
The kiss was rough, dominating, and demanding. Demanding that you submit to him. And you did, without hesitation. The sides quickly were turned as he flipped both of you over so that he was on top kissing you heavily.
Grasping your arms you opened your mouth in surprise, giving him the perfect opportunity to explore your mouth with his skilled tongue. "_________," he moaned then collapsed, falling asleep on top of you.
Smiling you ran your fingers through his blonde hair before you too joined him in slumber.

~This time skip brought to you by Flying Mind Bunny……HE IS TO REAL!!~

"__________!" said Arthur looking for you in a frenzy. He had thought last night was all a dream. His pulse calmed when he saw you.
"Arthur?" you asked just waking up.
"Oh __________," he said, "I thought I lost you."
You smiled as he embraced you tightly, "you won't I promise."
"I promise to make you the happiest woman on earth,' he said kissing your neck slowly. "I love you so much _________-."
"I love you too Arthur."
Again with the mermaid kick...
Anyway...anyone here think that Pirate!Engalnd is hhhhhhhhhhoooooooooot?

Comments encourage me to write more!!! :D
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