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November 4, 2012
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You smiled as you waved your hand opening the door with. It was so good to be back home. Tonight was the supposed to be the biggest get together of mystical and humans beings in three decades. So of course you were going. You know, being a witch and all. Plus this was a good opportunity to see your family again.
"______________!" shouted your younger sister (sister's name). She was high in the air on her broom.
You waved a hello at your sister, "You're getting better." (sister name) landed her broom.
She gave you a hug and said, "Are you going to the party tonight?"
Nodding you said, "Wouldn't miss it."
"Mama and papa said I could go because it's being thrown at the Mir castle," she pouted, "they're vampires."
"Well someone from the (last name) clan has to go, might as well be me," you mused. You see the only reason humans were invited was so that all mystical creatures made sure to keep themselves in check.

Time skip…

It was finally time for the party. You were wearing a red dress (… ) Smiling you accepted to dance with a man who was clearly human.
"So babe, you want to go back to my place?"
"No thank you," you said trying to be polite.
The human man frowned, "You think your better than me don't you."
'I really don't have to think it' you thought. "No I just-."
"I think you should just leave the nice lady alone," said a man with stunning strawberry blonde hair. You blushed as he took your hand and gave it a kiss. "I apologize for not getting here earlier."
"I-It's no problem," you gave a shaky smile.
The man gave you a smile, "On the contrary." Creeping closer to you he purred, "I simply must make up for it in some way."
You gulped, "No really I'm fine."
Pulling you closer to him he looked you dead in the eye, "How about a dance?" Something about his eyes convinced you to say yes and you soon found yourself swept away by him. All the while he seemed to be very preoccupied by nuzzling you neck. Of which you soon found to be quite irritating.
"So my dear I never got your name…"
"It's __________," you said quietly.
"I'm Vlad," he said, "I like you __________." The song ended. But your partner didn't let go. "Come with me…" Something in his eyes made you unable to answer, you could only follow. You didn't know why. You had never been this weak to a man before.
He took you upstairs to a bedroom. "Nnnneh…" You tried to protest, but he still pulled you into the room and pushed you on the bed.
Giving you a smirk he said, "You are quite the delectable little woman aren't you. I think I'll keep you. One day we might be able to take off mind-spell without you running off."
Your mind was still muddled. Mind-spell, what on earth? Searching your mind you found the answer when Vlad unsheathed his fangs and descended to your neck. "Vampire!" you shouted and used your magic to push him off and halfway through a wall.
"Ahhh!" he snapped up and started laughing. "Hahaha! So you're a witch, I knew there was something I liked about you."
You snarled at him, "Idiot vampire, you should know better than to laugh at a (last name) witch."
Vald's eyes held that of recognition, "________ _________?"
He smiled and glomped you, "Oh __________ my love! You don't remember me? I'm Vald Mir, we were friends you said that you'd marry me when we grew up…but then you left me!" he started to cry.
He held you tightly around the waist and gave you a seductive smirk, "Are you ready to fulfill your promise?"


"And then mommy threw daddy through the wall again," you finished.
Your nine year old daughter laughed, "And then you lived happily ever after right?"
You thought for a moment, "Well first they had to have (daughter's name) and (son's name), and then they lived happily ever after."
You kissing her on the forehead you tucked her in. "Good night mommy." Looking back at your half witch-half vampire daughter you smiled.
"Good night sweetie."
After you closed the door you turned around to see your husband. Jumping slightly you let out a squeak. "I love that story," he said wrapping his arms around your waist.
"Me too," you said and gave him a kiss.
Request by :iconhetaliaowc:

I'm back baby!!!

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Blue-Demon-Hybrid Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
"And then mommy threw daddy through the wall again," Too cute!
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'And then mummy threw daddy through the wall again.' LOLZ that made me laugh.
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And then mummy threw daddy throught the wall again...

How much I love that sentence
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very interesting... and so very CUTE. and very well written if i may add XD im trying to sound proper but i failed... oh well i can try again later. :D
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aw that was so cute! "And then mommy threw daddy through the wall again," i laughed so hard at that! you my dear are a genus!
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"And then mommy tossed daddy threw the wall again." Best way to end a story to your kid X3
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